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      MyBabyMemorial.com allows parents and loved ones to maintain a free baby memorial page online for babies less than two years of age.   Baby Memorial Pages may have the following information added to them through the use of our easy to use template system:
  • Baby's Name
  • Baby's Photo
  • Change Page Color
  • Dates (Conception, Birth, etc..)
  • Personal Message to Baby
  • Up to 6 additional messages
  • and more..

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Please note that all information that you enter is optional.  You do not have to enter any information that you don't feel comfortable entering.

      Because you register and are given a username and password to enter your free Baby Memorial Page maker, you are able to come back at any time to update the page such as adding new messages or photos. 

      MyBabyMemorial.com was started by a Mother and Father that lost their baby boy on 09 April, 2006.  We noticed that many of the memorial pages available on the internet required that you send the information to someone and have them build the page.  Understanding that there are others out there would like to not only have a Baby Memorial Page, but would also like the chance to come back at a later date and add more messages or change the photos on their own, we decided to put this FREE service together.

      We do not add advertisements to your Baby Memorial Page.  To see a sample Baby Memorial Page, please check out our own baby's memorial page.  

      We hope that you find our Baby Memorial Page Maker useful and welcome and comments.

Site News:
24 Apr, 2006 - Added the ability to link together multiple baby memorial pages hosted on this site.

23 Apr, 2006 - Added option to have people light a candle on your baby memorial page.  [Example]

22 Apr, 2006 - First Baby Memorial Page created for our son, Jatin [view]




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